Custom Design Process

I work with numerous smaller brands, indie designers, and influencers all over the United States to create custom pieces for their brand. Each custom piece is hand finished and white-labeled (I manufacture but it's your business label). I describe my process below and on corresponding pages. Feel free to reach out to discuss your project in more detail. You can email me at

  • Introduction: In our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your designs, goals, number of products, and desired fiber details (things like care instructions, color options, price, content). Our order minimum is 20 pieces per pattern.
  • Design: You create the design. We do not design in house for clients, however, I can get you in contact with a few designers that are familiar with what I need and can help you create a custom image. I then digitize the image for my programming software and create the machine code needed. This includes digital samples with one round of changes. At this stage, I can provide you with a price per item or for the whole order.
  • Deposit and Ordering: I provide an invoice to the client that includes the amount of the initial deposit required; once I receive the deposit, I will order the yarn, and the client should order any custom labels they require.
  • Sampling: I create physical samples and ship them to the client. With the client’s feedback, I will make necessary changes including, but not limited to, size, color, and other design details.
  • Manufacturing: I manufacture, wash, iron, and apply labels to the items.
  • Ship: I ship the finished products to the client, who can set them on shelves or package them for delivery.