About Us

Yarnmāl is a passion for myself and my husband. We have found joy and fulfillment in creative endeavors for the entirety of our marriage—which started with making ravioli from scratch together during our first year and has continued to us founding a business that takes advantage of both of our interests and skills. I love fiber arts, designing, sewing, and working with people. My husband, John-David, is an attorney (yay, free legal advice!) who lends a hand with tech support and design. Yarnmāl has comprehensively merged our passions and is the culmination of many years of research and planning.

We know first-hand how products that are attractive, functional, and resilient can help build a home and connect us to our loved ones. We use a computerized Shima Seiki knitting machine and our products are made primarily of natural fibers, many of which are low-waste and eco-friendly, and we manufacture all our items in Utah. 

Whether it’s a baby blanket or an infinity scarf, knitted items by Yarnmāl are designed in our home to brighten yours. They are knitted for you.