Small-Batch Manufacturing

Yarnmāll is a micro textile mill located in Utah. That means we make high quality products using professional equipment, just on a small scale. Think about your favorite sweater that you purchased from a retailer: it was created on a large industrial knitting machine and finished by hand. Yarnmāl is like that—a professional final product, but made to-order. We house an industrial knitting machine and create unique and original designs for everyone to enjoy.

We manufacture knit products (think a sweater or cozy blanket) from a range of fibers, both natural and man-made. These fibers vary from cotton to wool to Seacell (a plant based rayon created from seaweed). We work to find fibers that are grown with less water, which means less waste. Our yarn sourcing also includes working with manufacturers that use metal free dyes and limit      the amount of post-production chemicals. We also focus on working with companies that give back to the communities they’re in.

Yarnmāl specializes in small-batch manufacturing; our products generally have a run of less than 100 pieces. This type of small-batch manufacturing is far more cost effective and eco-friendly than other, larger scale manufacturing because we limit the number of pieces we make and don’t waste materials, time, or funds on items that don’t sell.

Yarnmāl creates items for our own line of accessories and home décor and also works with businesses and private individuals to create items exclusive to you. Through small-batch manufacturing, we also have the benefit of staying on top of current trends and making bespoke items to suit your personal taste. Yarnmāl does not keep inventory on hand. We make every item as it’s ordered — which means that they’re truly knitted for you.

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