Blanket Love

We love blankets. Love them. We have at least six blankets for each member of our family (if you want the math, there’s six of us), plus plenty for guests. We have blankets in bedrooms, the living room, front room, family room, hallway… even a few stashed in the car. My bed alone has more than 25 pounds of blankets on it, right now. I’ve been making most of these blankets over the years, and we are slowly creating a history of our family because each blanket tells a story. It makes for a pretty special thing in our home. With our line of throw blankets, we want to help you build that same history in your home.

The first throw blanket we designed was created with my father-in-law in mind; it’s even named after him. David is the perfect accent for any décor. Speaking to my father-in-law’s love of clean, traditional, and practical design, the delicate cabling provides dimension and texture while remaining soft to the touch.

David measures a generous 52”x62” and is perfectly suited as a throw in your living room book nook or as a timeless accent at the foot of your guest bed. The tight knit of the diamond and cable pattern allows the blanket to feel substantial (weighing just over 2 pounds) without feeling heavy and overwhelming. It’s made of a wool blend that allows for warmth and strength. It’s quickly become my husband’s preferred napping blanket.

The Eustace was created for my Grandparents when my Mother wanted to give them something special. It’s the perfect size for a lap blanket and lightweight enough that it doesn’t feel binding. The Eustace is made with the same wool blend as the David, which means that you can care for it at home with your washer and dryer.

In the coming months we’ll be creating new additions to our line of throw blankets that will focus on functionality, sustainability, and fit a wide range of needs and purposes.

Keep watching to see what we’ve knitted for you.

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